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Mark Wills
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NASW New Mexico 42nd Annual Conference

"Social Work: Resilient in Times of Change"

This year’s theme, Social Work: Resilient in Times of Change is twofold. First, we are addressing the professionals, we want to the acknowledge the work and dedication of the professionals working directly with our children and youth. As social workers we have an ethical responsibility uplift our colleagues. Framing presentations through a greater understanding of structural and social determinants we build confidence and competence. We are reminded to best address a person we have to understand and be involved in systems, policies, environment, advocating for equity and access. By teaching professionals how to use their voice opposition to and question the status quo.it would actually be a chance to role model how to appropriately challenge authority react and or any harmful determinant, they can positively influence practice, perceptions, and relationships with youth, parents, caregivers, and families, and truly make long and sustainable changes for New Mexicans. Understanding Structural and Social Determinants of Health (SSDH) is integral to social work. Just as we address the intersectionality of a person, we must address the intersectionality of the practitioner. It is time to not only change the script on how we talk about those that are working with our children and youth, but also how we are talk about our children and families .

Second, is to bring to attention some of the historical and institutional discrimination that exists against caregiving professions; or the expectations of familial roles and responsibilities, who occupies them, and how our systems continue to oppress them. This profession is mostly occupied by female identifying people that are held hostage to oppressive and misogynistic policies and values. We all have to acknowledge our responsibility and positively lend to systematic change instead of breaking each other down. The blame and shame does nothing to improve outcomes. It essentially works against the goals to 1. Increase workforce ; 2. to improve quality and 3. to truly heal the community for the purpose of a better opportunity for our youth and children. This profession is regarded as invaluable but compensated as disposable.

So please come with open hearts and open minds, be kind to each other with your words and actions, most of all enjoy the conference.

Register for NASW New Mexico 42nd Annual Conference, "Social Work: Resilient in Times of Change" at https://web.cvent.com/event/d1e5a1b6-19ea-446d-8c84-963aa4ecb96e/summary.
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