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Mark Wills
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Understanding Success Avoidance/Sabotage

NASW Vermont

Being more successful requires leaving a predictable way of life and vaulting into a realm of the unknown and unanticipated changes. Though exciting and fulfilling, there are a number of tradeoffs to the long list of benefits of success. It is not unusual for most people, at some point in their careers, to engage in "success avoidance" or "success sabotage," formerly called the “fear of success.”

This session will explore the success avoidance phenomenon, outline its dynamics, and offer suggestions for helping your clients (and you!) manage it.

Register for Understanding Success Avoidance/Sabotage at https://naswinstitute.inreachce.com/Details/Information/654d165f-dbea-4aa0-b4fe-08fd4165b6ed.
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