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Mark Wills
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Ethical Challenges in the Digital Age: Protecting Clients (and Ourselves)

NASW Vermont

This webinar will explore cutting-edge ethical issues arising out of social workers' growing use of digital technology, online interventions, and social media to deliver services, communicate with clients, search online for information about clients, and store sensitive information in electronic behavioral health records.

Dr. Frederic Reamer will explore key ethical challenges related to privacy, confidentiality, privileged communication, informed consent, boundaries, and nontraditional interventions, among others. Reamer will review state-of-the-art ethical, regulatory, and practice standards and guidelines. He will present complex case scenarios and discuss practical strategies to protect clients and prevent ethics complaints and litigation.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:
  • Identify ethical dilemmas related to social workers' use of digital and online technology to serve clients
  • Apply ethical decision-making frameworks and protocols to protect clients
  • Apply relevant ethical and practice standards
  • Identify ethical issues that pose malpractice and liability risks
  • Design strategies to protect clients and prevent ethics complaints and lawsuits
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