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Rochelle Wilder
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ChatGPT in Practice: Large Language Models, What Every Social Worker Should Know Webinar

Monday, April 8, 2024 (1 – 2 pm ET)
Presenters:  Johanna Creswell Báez, PhD, MSW; Lauri Goldkind, PhD, LMSW; and Bryan Victor, PhD, LMSW
Large Language Models, such as ChatGPT, have captured attention of the country as their ability to write jokes, poetry, and prose -- in seconds and for free bedazzles anyone who works with the written word. Educators have seen that it can write realistic student papers, including citations and personal anecdotes. Professionals have seen that it can generate realistic work-related writing such as progress notes, grant proposals and organizational newsletters. What are the implications for social workers and social work practice?
In this webinar, we invite social workers to learn about large language models and chatbots in mental health and human services. We will discuss our experiences, concerns, and emerging practice applications. Participants will receive a live demonstration and have the opportunity to consider how these tools can enhance their practice.
Participants will understand the opportunities and challenges of integrating large language models into social work practice.
Participants will gain practical skills in integrating large language models into social work practice through case studies and hands-on exercises.
Participants will explore best practices for ensuring ethical and responsible deployment of language models in social work contexts, with a focus on transparency, informed consent, and ongoing evaluation to address ethical challenges specific to the field.
Cost: SPS Members: Free / Non-SPS NASW Members: $20 / Non-NASW Member: $35
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