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Co-Regulation: Critical Skill Building for Neurodiverse Clients

NH Chapter - 4 Category A CEs - live on zoom

Co-Regulation: Critical Skill Building for Neurodiverse Clients


Danielle Heaton

4 Clinical Category A CEs approved by NASW NH. NASW NH Approval #4190

Regulation of the nervous system, often referred to as being calm, is an important part of mental health and is a learned process through co-regulation. Utilizing neuroscience, trauma informed care and social emotional learning techniques, gain a better understanding of what influences one's regulated state. Learn to recognize the signals when someone is becoming dysregulated, how the environment may be triggering and tools for a healthier outcome. Shifting your approach from a behavioral perspective to regulation focused response helps everyone, but is crucial for the 1-in 5 neurodiverse individuals whose struggles are not visible.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, you will be able to discuss:

  • How to match behaviors to arousal state and approaches to use when an individual is dysregulated.
  • The importance of attachment and regulation in relationship to executive functioning.
  • How minor modifications to the environment can be more inclusive for individuals with sensory issues.
  • The need to incorporate a trauma informed approach into your everyday life.

About the Presenter

Danielle Heaton is the Founding Director at Twenty-One Senses, a nonprofit focused on advancing inclusion for children with invisible disabilities. With over fifteen years of digital marketing experience in the education industry, Danielle's greatest strength is understanding complicated concepts and translating the information into a digestible and relatable fashion. As the mother of two amazing neurodiverse kiddos, she has over two decades of experience navigating the medical, educational and social systems. Danielle brings her personal and professional experience to every endeavor and is passionate about creating a strong community of families, businesses, civic organizations and schools that are educated and supportive of all individuals who experience the world in their own way. This emphasis on empathy, inclusion and support is central to all aspects of Danielle’s life. When Danielle is not focused on Twenty-One Senses, she can be found outside with her husband, two kids and dog or actively volunteering in the community with various youth organizations.

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