Annual NASW Montana and NASW Wyoming Virtual Conference

NASW Montana and NASW Wyoming

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Montana and Wyoming are hosting a virtual conference open to all behavioral health professionals. This event will consist of 15 CEUS and will be completely virtual, providing an accessible learning space for urban and rural participants.

Leveraging the Power of Teams: The Team as Secure Base Model

NASW Vermont

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This workshop will introduce the "Team as Secure Base Model" and provide opportunities for participants to reflect on how they can behave in a way to promote a secure base for their team across five different domains: availability, sensitivity, acceptance, cooperation, and team belonging.

Parkinson's Disease: Working with Clients and Caregivers

NASW Vermont

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Presentations include "Parkinson's Disease 101 and Clinical Considerations for Social Work"; "Identifying Community Resources That Support Parkinson's Disease and Being An Active member of the Healthcare Team"; "Caregiver Panel: Family Caregiving Experiences w/ Parkinson's Disease"; and "Ethical Issues/ Considerations With End of Life Care Planning (Act 39)."

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