Engaging & Working with the Hard to Reach Client

NASW Vermont

Mark Wills 0 937
Two-day workshop

In this workshop, participants will consider the dynamics and skills of engaging and working with hard-to-reach individuals, families, and groups. The client will be described as facing a "first decision" - whether or not to accept the need for help and to accept the worker.

21st Century Ethics: Identifying and Resolving Ethical Challenges in a Time of Pandemic, Extreme Political Polarization, and Technological Change

NASW Vermont

Mark Wills 0 703
This workshop will provide a review of the ethical mandates in the NASW Code of Ethics, and a generic algorithm for resolving ethical dilemmas. Beyond that, we will use case studies to illustrate the ethical challenges of the pandemic, the current political ferment, and ever-changing technologies. We will particularly consider the ways that the pandemic has impacted on the use of these new technologies.

Clinical Concerns and Gender Identity: A Training for Mental Health Professionals

NASW Michigan

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NASW-Michigan is excited to announce the launch of our newest cohort of the certificate program Clinical Concerns & Gender Identity: A Training for Mental Health Professionals. This certificate program will educate mental health professionals on the social determinants of health of the transgender community and how to provide ethical, culturally competent, and medically accurate clinical services.

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