Psychedelics in Psychotherapy: Focusing on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

NASW Wisconsin

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Ketamine has emerged over recent years as the only legal “psychedelic” treatment option at this time.  As such, a “wild west” of treatment centers around the country, with variable models of treatment and outcomes have emerged.  News outlets have reported on big name ketamine companies while local clinics continue to pop up, peaking client’s interest.

AI and Social Work Ethics

NASW Wisconsin

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in social work. AI is being used to conduct client risk assessments, assist people in crisis, strengthen prevention efforts, identify systemic biases in the delivery of social services, provide social work education, and predict social worker burnout and service outcomes, among other uses. This webinar will examine cutting-edge ethical issues related to social workers’ use of AI; apply relevant ethical standards; and outline elements of a strategy for social workers’ ethical use of AI. Join Dr. Frederic Reamer as he examines ethical issues and risks related to informed consent and client autonomy; privacy and confidentiality; transparency; potential client misdiagnosis; client abandonment; client surveillance; plagiarism, dishonesty, fraud, and misrepresentation; algorithmic bias and unfairness; and use of evidence-based AI tools.  

SPS Webinar - Addressing Food Insecurity: A Community Approach

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As the liaison between the home, school, and community, two school social workers were able to leverage community partnerships to increase access to food resources for families within a large suburban school district. All food-security initiatives were located in different areas within the school district to accommodate the diverse needs of different areas. This webinar will discuss food insecurity initiatives that were piloted before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and post-pandemic and the community resources that aided in these efforts. The benefits of food insecurity initiatives community will be discussed in addition to best practices that maintain community partnerships and monitor community needs.

SPS Webinar - Social Workers & Teen Suicide Prevention

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January 11, 2024 (1 - 2 pm ET)

Suicide is the second cause of death for adolescents ages 10-19. The number of adolescents experiencing suicidality and dying by suicide is rising despite countless suicide prevention programs, resources, and organizations. This webinar will present an innovative approach to teen suicide prevention and teach social workers specific ways to support adolescents experiencing suicidality.


  • Learn teen suicide risk factors, with some specific to Latinx adolescents.
  • Gain knowledge on a theoretical framework and opportunities to prevent teen suicide.
  • Learn three ways to help parents lower their child’s suicide risk.

Cost: SPS Members: Free / Non-SPS NASW Members: $20 / Non-NASW Member: $35



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