Promote Your Work

Social workers can be uncomfortable with image management and public relations. But marketing social work services is an essential function of both a successful business and an effective non-profit organization.

If you own a private practice, have you already developed a marketing plan to generate referrals? If not, think about where potential clients might be looking for someone with the services you provide. Online directories, partner organizations, and insurance companies are all places to consider promoting your services through advertising, networking and general listings. There are also numerous psychotherapist finder sites where social workers advertise their services.

If you are part of an organization, it is important to make sure that your non-social worker colleagues understand exactly what you do and what your contributions are to the team's success. Social workers are generally part of workplaces dominated by professionals from other disciplines (e.g., hospitals, schools, courts, agencies). Don't miss opportunities to present information about the social work department to other staff in your organization.

Many organizations host constituents for customer appreciation days and similar events. Help the public relations or community relations staff people at your organization plan these events and distribute audience appropriate literature about social work.

Schools of social work must consider ways to stand out at large career fairs on campus. People know less about social work than other professions, so we have to be creative and bold in our presentations!

Media interviews and publications help raise awareness about your services while educating the public about the support that social workers provide.