Recruit a Student

For Social Work Month 2011, consider making a presentation in a local school or university.

Research shows that people who are involved in community volunteer work early in life are more likely to know social workers and to be interested in social work as a career. Unlike with other professions, such as doctors and teachers, not every one is going to have contact with a social worker in their formative years. And television depictions of the profession remain narrow.

Through qualitative research conducted in 2008 with admissions personnel at several schools of social work, NASW found that many social work majors found their way into social work classes after trying out classes for complementary disciplines such as psychology, education and sociology. We want to introduce students earlier to the profession.

Most high schools and universities have career and guidance counselors who plan career day presentations, identify internships, and/or coordinate job fairs. In addition, many students in our nation’s community colleges are taking human services courses that prepare them well for transition to four-year social work degree programs.

Fortunately, the social work profession has more tools than ever to present clear and compelling reasons for students of all ages to consider a rewarding career in social work.

Recruitment Tools