Seek Endorsements

Social Work Month 2011 provides an opportunity for social workers to celebrate their profession and reaffirm the life-changing work they do in every community.

During Social Work Month, consider asking a respected member of the community to write a letter or make a public statement about the value of social workers in your town. Please notify your NASW Chapter about any public endorsements you secure.

Often what makes Social Work Month events newsworthy or advertising compelling, is the inclusion of public recognition from influential non-social workers, such as a:

Public official who issues and signs a proclamation in honor of Social Work Month

Local Celebrity who lends their time to a cause or program led by social workers

Top employer (such as a hospital) that promotes its social work services to all patients

Community leader who leads an organization that collaborates with social workers

Long-time resident who has benefited from social work services

Social workers change futures