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Trump Administration’s proposed mass raids on migrant families misguided, harmful

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) condemns President Trump’s planned raids on immigrant families. Although President Trump declared a two-week moratorium on executing the mass raid policy at the prodding of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, NASW demands he abandon this misguided, disgraceful approach.

Rounding up thousands of families makes no sense from an operational point of view and this policy will not reduce the flow of asylum-seeking families amassing at the nation's southern border. More importantly, the planned mass raids are inhumane and will exacerbate family separations. This mass raid policy is another example of the Trump Administration’s relentless attack on immigrant families and children. 

The raids will cause long-term harm to the health, safety, and well-being of children. We know from research that children who witness the arrest of a parent - particularly an arrest that takes place in their home - are at greater risk of suffering harmful psychological consequences that will have long-term traumatic implications for their overall emotional health and development.

Many immigrants already feel isolated and the mass raids will instill fear and needlessly strain protective family connections. We are deeply concerned that the children and youth caught up in these mass raids - some of whom are U.S. citizens - will become the latest victims of an administration that has shown little compassion for immigrant families.

We are deeply concerned and apprehensive about the negative effect of the proposed mass raid policy. NASW insists that the Trump Administration completely and permanently abandon plans to launch a massive national round up of families with children. The consequences of such an initiative extend far beyond those asylum-seekers who are directly affected. Clearly, large-scale sweeps by federal law enforcement would create chaos, fear, and instability and inflict trauma on individuals, families and entire communities.

NASW is committed to doing all it can to continue to push back against  harmful immigration policies and tactics, which are an affront to our nation’s values.

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