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NASW Texas Chapter condemns racist act of terrorism in El Paso

AUSTIN, TX - The National Association of Social Workers Texas Chapter (NASW/TX) condemns the recent racist act of terrorism in El Paso. Unfortunately, this fits into a larger pattern of mass shootings across our country and highlights how imperative it is for our state and national leaders to take action now. 

We’ve heard rhetoric from the President of the United States, the two U. S. Senators from Texas, and the Governor of Texas calling for greater mental health reforms based on this attack. While they make discussion of mental health a priority, they have failed to address the issue of access to guns. We encourage the President, the U. S. Congress, and the Texas Governor to step outside of political lines and open a real dialogue around limiting access to firearms. Without a discussion around this core issue, there will be no preventing the next mass shooting. 

Make no mistake as well: this shooting was a racist act of terrorism incited and inflamed by the anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from our President. A divisive political strategy based on fear has repercussions and we are seeing an increase in domestic terrorism and attacks around the nation that target immigrant communities. 

This must stop, and we need to hold our leaders accountable for their words. NASW/TX pledges to work with communities like El Paso, the Governor and any other groups eager to support limiting access to gun, increasing access to mental health resources, and developing solutions that support our state and the immigrant communities and make us stronger as a whole. Together we can make a difference, but it starts with an honest appraisal by our elected officials of who and what the problems are.

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