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NASW Foundation announces Ruth Fizdale Program Grants

Grants go to Delaware and Texas chapter projects

Washington, D.C.— The National Association of Social Workers Foundation (NASWF) has announced the 2013 Ruth Fizdale  Program Grants. The Ruth Fizdale Program underwrites research projects that link practice and policy issues with relevant social issues. The objective is to facilitate effective service delivery. The program provides opportunities for NASW chapters to conduct pilot research projects targeted to a specific emerging issue. These pilot projects then may serve as cornerstones for developing more comprehensive research projects.
This year’s awardees:

  • NASW Delaware Chapter asserts that social workers and others in the social justice community have not been effectively using social media to further their practice and policy initiatives. Therefore this project attempts to expand the use of social media in the social justice community. The project will also strive to expand Chapter membership by emphasizing social networking connections.
  • NASW Texas Chapter has initiated a Clinical Reimbursement Project, which focuses on issues surrounding clinical reimbursement for social workers. The project disseminates information to clinical providers to receive information relevant to practice and reimbursement. The grant will allow the Texas Chapter to assess the impact of the project so far, specifically assessing the effectiveness of advocacy efforts on Medicaid reimbursement efforts.

The Ruth Fizdale Program was created in 1987 by Dr. Helen K. Rehr and other friends of Ruth Fizdale, to honor her contributions to social work. The founders' intent was that, as an endowment, the income would be used to help underwrite studies related to people with social needs. Funding would be made available to seed pilot projects that could lead to projects that are larger and more comprehensive in scope.

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