National Campaigns

Social Work Month

Social Work Month is an annual campaign that educates the public about the contributions of social workers and gives social workers and their allies tools they can use to promote the profession.

Healthy Minds & Bodies

NASW worked with "Informed: Hosted by Rob Lowe" on a mini-documentary that explores how social workers help people improve their mental health and team with doctors to promote health and wellness.

Public Education Campaign

The National Social Work Public Education Campaign is a multi-year outreach effort led by NASW and the NASW Foundation to educate key stakeholders, including citizens, media, policymakers and employers, about the importance of the social work profession.


Social workers help people help themselves. People of every age. From every background. Find a therapist, get professional advice, and more.


NASW Social Work Talks

NASW Social Work Talks podcast explores topics that social workers care about. Launching during 2018 Social Worth Month.

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