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Mark Wills
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Ethics & Boundaries

NASW Wisconsin

1 - 5 pm CT

Things That Make You Go Hmm…Boundaries, Barriers, and Shame Oh My!

Have that gut instinct, feeling of rumbling in your stomach, those things that make you go hmm…? This training offers participants an opportunity to explore the difference between boundaries and barriers in peer-to-peer and client relationships. It explores personal boundaries, trust, shame, vulnerability, and use of self-assessment tools. Participants learn new strategies in paradigm thinking, communication and conflict management in the workplace; through examining challenges they face when colleagues are unethical or cross professional boundaries.

This training provides related information to enhance the workplace, conflict resolution strategies, and developing ethically informed decision-making model of practice with peer to peer and client to practitioner relationships. It furthers the development of teams, colleague’s adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics and improves performance in agency ethical decision making.

4 CEUs available

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