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Mark Wills
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Anyone Nervous About Human Extinction?

NASW North Dakota

12 p.m-1 p.m. Central

Alarmingly, but happily, there is a global network of people all focused laser-like on examining and addressing the “x-risk” – an existential risk “where an adverse outcome would either annihilate Earth-originating intelligent life or permanently and drastically curtail its potential" (Bostrom, 2002, p. 2). X-risk is also used as short-hand for extinction risk. These risks include threats such as climate change and global injustice. These extinction risks differ from previous mass extinction events (of which there have been five) in that the prior events were all caused by natural calamities while the current extinction risks are mostly anthropogenic in nature – human-made.

As we near the second quarter of the twenty-first century, the level of global threat calls for a broader understanding of justice in the context of social work practice--an understanding that expands the level of focus to a recognition that life itself, human and otherwise, is under threat. This does not mean that the profession abandons its commitment to the most vulnerable citizens around the world. Quite the contrary, the most vulnerable are already the most immediate victims of existential threats. What is needed is a focus on “survival justice” – a focus that will address both the urgent needs of the most vulnerable and the threats to the long-term existence of all living beings.

This presentation will briefly discuss extinction risks, then the presenter will describe components of a "survival justice" practice framework--"work that supports the growth of healthy, progressive, and interrelated natural and social conditions which ensure that all global life is protected from extinction and is able to thrive and interact productively for the good of Earth's entire ecosystem."

The presentation will also provide time for conversation among participants regarding their thoughts on and experiences of global crises as well as their assessment of a survival justice framework for social work practice.

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