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Mark Wills
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NASW New York City Virtual CE Conference

NASW New York City

"Social Work and Wellness: Successes and Opportunities in Transcending Chaos"

The 2021 update to the NASW Code of Ethics addresses the importance of professional self-care. We ask social workers to share with their fellow professionals: how do you promote wellness? What does promoting wellness look like, not only within the communities we serve, but within ourselves as well?

Within these past few turbulent years – socially, politically, mentally, and medically – let’s look to celebrate the work social workers accomplish, especially in times where we’re expected to thrive. How do social workers succeed when facing seemingly insurmountable challenges while also mitigating their own turmoil? What does success in these spaces look like? What tools and resources do social workers have to achieve these successes?

With this year’s NASW-NYC’s annual continuing education conference, which includes two days and nine (9) continuing education hours' worth of speaking presentations, workshops, networking opportunities, and sponsorship exhibits; we ask social workers to consider the above and share their successes and opportunities in transcending chaos while keeping their wellness, as well as those they serve, first.

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