Serving Neurodiverse Individuals as Professional Social Workers

NASW California

Mark Wills 0 338
9 p.m.-10:30 p.m.

This workshop will focus on best practices to use when serving neurodiverse individuals as professional social workers. The effects of racial injustice, equity, and access to support services will be discussed as well as how social workers are addressing these disparities.

Social Worker Screening for Dissociation in Substance Use Clients

Specialty Practice Sections Webinar

Rochelle Wilder 0 493

Presenter: Gregory L. Nooney, MSW, ACSW, LISW, LCSW

CEs: 1.5 Clinical contact hours

The presenter will provide methods to identify dissociation in your substance use clients and provide techniques to use in order to treat them effectively.


  • Understand the connection between childhood trauma and insecure attachment to dissociation in adulthood
  • Learn specific assessment tools to identify dissociative symptoms and determine their severity in working with clients with substance use disorders.
  • Learn how to apply specific techniques with clients with substance use disorders who have significant dissociative symptoms.

My Journey After Intimate Partner Violence: Healing Through Storytelling

NASW New York State

Mark Wills 0 301
6 p.m. ET

What happens to a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual health after an incident of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)? How does society support or further traumatize victims of IPV? The Executive Director of the New York State Chapter, Sam Fletcher, will share her experience and healing journey after an abusive long-term relationship.

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