The Ethics of Care: Moving Social Workers from Charity to Solidarity

NASW New York State

Mark Wills 0 915
6 - 8 pm ET

Through lecture and group discussion led by experienced community organizers, social work practitioners will consider internalization of the social work code of ethics, by considering models of the National Association of Black Social Workers and applying anti-racist systems theory as expressed by Ibram Kendi (and expanded by Dr. Jessica Pryce).

Suicide Prevention: Black Youth Lives Matter Too!

NASW New York State

Mark Wills 0 924
1 p.m.-4 p.m.

In the last several decades, suicide attempts among black adolescents has increased by 73% while attempts among white youth have decreased. Why aren't we sounding the alarm and doing more to raise awareness of this crisis?

During this workshop we will discuss the additional challenges faced by black youth, explore strategies to break down barriers, increase cultural competency amongst providers and the role of racial socialization as a protective strategy in reducing suicide attempts amongst black youth.

Harm Reduction & Social Worker Discretion: Fighting Client Criminalization For Self-Managed Abortion

NASW California

Mark Wills 0 886
4:30 p.m.

Curious how social workers can respond to attacks on reproductive justice? Start here. We will explore the concept of self-managed abortion (SMA). The audience will gain an understanding of the role of social workers in relation to SMA, legal issues, and how to help stop the criminalization of our clients for self-managing their own abortion care.

An Hour with the BBS: Out-of-State Licensure

NASW California | Member-only event

Mark Wills 0 691
3 - 4 pm PT
Join us for a presentation from the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). This is the second of three webinars for licensed and pre-licensed professionals to hear information and updates from our CA licensing and regulatory Board.

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