Dear Black Male ...

NASW Texas

Mark Wills 0 1154
10 a.m.-1 p.m.

This workshop will consider and discuss how the oppression and perception of Black males affects their relationships and how social workers can best support them.

Revisions to the DSM-5-TR

NASW Illinois

Mark Wills 0 2506
1-3 p.m.

This workshop will provide an overview of changes to DSM-5-TR. Join us for this 2-hour workshop and get all the updates you need for your practice!

Adult Fire Setting: Arson, Assessment and Treatment

NASW California

Mark Wills 0 1151
2-8 p.m.

The presentation will explore the origins and utility of the historical diagnosis of pyromania, provide incidence and prevalence data, introduce participants to a recently developed theoretical model that explains several pathways to the onset of fire setting and support for risk assessment modeling, and describe promising treatment frameworks.

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