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NASW Annual Report 2022-2023

The Power of Social Work

Members Matter

We are excited to present our members and supporters with the 2022-2023 National Association of Social Workers Annual Report, “The Power of Social Work.” For nearly seven decades, our organization’s accomplishments have been powered by the commitment, involvement and support of our members. While NASW represents the entire social work profession with legislators in every community, partners from all sectors of society, and the media, it’s the passion of our more than 5,000 volunteer leaders and approximately 110,000 members that make the activities described in this report possible.

Elected members of the NASW Delegate Assembly set program priority goals every three years. The NASW Board of Directors then establishes objectives and priorities with staff to meet different aspects of the Delegate Assembly vision. Our 200 staff and thousands of volunteer leaders implement new professional development programs, advocacy initiatives and media campaigns every year to ensure that social work voices and values help inform and shape civic life in the U.S.

In this report you will see how NASW’s wide range of achievements at the state and national levels are advancing the profession of social work in service to millions of people. Click on any image to learn more about each initiative.

To our extraordinary members, thank you for allowing us to serve you. We are grateful for your continued membership.

Yvonne Chase, PhD, LCSW, ACSW NASW President
Anthony Estreet, PhD, MBA, LCSW-C, NASW CEO

Program Priority Goals

Goal 1: Strengthen NASW’s standing as the preeminent resource for social workers
Goal 2: Maximize awareness of the value of social work
Goal 3: Leverage the NASW enterprise for maximum social and racial justice impact
Goal 4: Elevate the quality of social work practice
Goal 5: Champion policy efforts to support the social work profession

GOAL 1: Strengthen NASW’s standing as the preeminent resource for social workers.

Membership Objectives

#1. Continuously promote the value of NASW membership as a must-have resource for current and prospective members by increasing engagement opportunities that include promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

#2. Grow membership by launching promotional initiatives in response to member needs, expressed preferences and professional profiles.

Membership Activities

  • Engagement: Offered members opportunities to engage through advocacy work for racial justice, social justice and social work workforce issues.
  • Technology: Leveraged technology for greater event participation and expanded access.
  • DEI: Increased engagement opportunities that prioritize DEI.
  • Personas: Increased member satisfaction through customized marketing.
  • Retention: Implemented outreach strategies to reduce suspensions and increase retention rates.
  • Growth: Increased the number of joins and rejoins to ensure sustainable membership growth.

Membership Photo Pages

20,000+ members of color. Two smiling young women at a Conference.

22 chapters increased members. Group of NASW Vermont Chapter members at an LGBTQ+ rally.

30,000 take 400 CE Institute courses. A man with his hand on his chin looking at a computer.

Group of people from NASW North Carolina Chapter in support of expanding Medicaid in North Carolina.,more%20than%20600%2C000%20North%20Carolinians

Chapters fight for LGBTQ+ rights. NASW Ohio Chapter fighting for LGBTQ+ rights at Department of Education.

1,200 receive leadership training. NASW Leadership Summit logo.

3,000+ students register for free student series. social impact horizon navigating grand challenges in social work.

NASW Assurance Services Inc. insurance center website is displayed on a computer screen.

Regular members increase for 36 consecutive months. Group of women from the NASW Texas Chapter.

MyNASW community meets diverse needs. A person examining an online profile.

Chapter experiences advance careers. Group of diverse people from the NASW California Chapter.

300,000+ followers on 7 social platforms. Woman holding a cell phone with five gold stars, a smiley face, and a check mark.

GOAL 2: Maximize awareness of the value of social work.

Awareness Objectives

#1. Increase the visibility and influence of social workers among non-social work stakeholder groups through work in coalitions.

#2. Position social workers as essential partners and providers in integrated care, emphasizing the relevance of the social determinants of health and social work’s distinctive person-in-environment framework.

#3. Amplify the prominence and influence of the social work professional community by leading collaboration among sister social work organizations.

#4. Broaden and deepen NASW’s influence in core social work areas through continued active engagement with partners in integrated health, child welfare, school social work, older adult care, mental health, and behavioral health.

Awareness Activities

  • Coalitions: Engaged in national and state coalition work.
  • Collaboration: Collaborated with government officials to advance issues important to social work.
  • Education: Educated the public about the value and importance of social work.
  • Workforce: Advanced workforce development and competence in integrated care.
  • Services: Promoted the role of social work services in addressing social determinants of health.
  • Research: Increased the use of social work research informed tools.
  • Network: Facilitated collaboration among social work organizations.
  • Promotion: Advanced collective impact through programs, briefings, surveys and grants.
  • Leadership: Provided opportunities for thought leadership.
  • Partners: Engaged with coalitions.
  • Impact: Created local and national impact.
  • Standards: Developed, revised and disseminated social work practice standards.

Awareness Photo pages

We reached 1 million downloads thank you for supporting NASW social work podcast.

Social Work Compact advances in Missouri. NASW Missouri Chapter advancing the Social Work Compact with a bill signing.

NASW Social Work Advocates Magazine cover Human Rights Advocacy issue.

Cover of the NASW Social Work Advocates Magazine Roe Provided Autonomy, Self-Determination issue.

NASW-NC supports ban on conversion therapy. NASW North Carolina Chapter supporting conversion therapy ban.

NASW Iowa Chapter's Award of Achievement for Corporate Internal Communications 2023.

Protecting ethical social work practice. NASW Ohio Chapter magazine cover.

115,000+ campaign toolkit downloads. NASW Social Work Breaks Barriers 2023 Social Work Month logo.

NASW Legal Defense Fund for the Managing Risk in the Social Work Profession: Private Practice Edition.

Integrating Social Care into the Delivery of Health Care cover by the National Academies Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

NASW Tips & Tools for Social Workers graphic.

Connect to End COVID-19 engage in NASW's national initiative today.

NASW Research Library logo.

CMSA Blog: Congressional Bills to Support Social Workers.

Screenshot of the article in USA Today article written by Dr. Anthony Estreet: Social Workers on Frontlines of the National Mental Health Crisis Need Your Support.

NASW & ESPEC new training program for Educating social workers in Palliative and End of Life Care (ESPEC).

NASW New York State Chapter, This is Social Work video.

Revising 5 Practice Standards. The five NASW Practice Standards that will be revised this year.

IFSW 2023 World Social Work Day poster.

Association leaders attend NASW Lobby Day on Capitol Hill. Group photo of NASW leaders attending the NASW Lobby Day on Capitol Hill.

Supporting clients in Massachusetts. Three women from the NASW Massachusetts Chapter.

GOAL 3: Leverage NASW's enterprise for maximum social and racial justice impact.

Justice Objectives

#1. Boldly and visibly advance NASW’s legislative, regulatory, administrative and judicial advocacy priorities.

#2. Actively support the social work profession’s Grand Challenges Initiative.

#3. Promote social work’s racial and social justice thought leadership by developing and disseminating compelling resources and publications.

#4. Support and encourage social workers in taking action to dismantle systems of oppression, and to be leaders and partners in the movement for racial justice and promote anti-racism within the profession.

Justice Activities

  • Social Action: Pursued social justice priorities through lobbying, advocacy, and social action.
  • Mobilization: Engaged members through voter mobilization initiatives.
  • Grand Challenges: Continued to promote and integrate the Grand Challenges into NASW advocacy work.
  • Publications: Used the prestige of the NASW Press to amplify social and racial justice goals.
  • Communities: Stood up for racial equity and justice in communities through six social justice priorities.
  • Change: Established a vision for change that pursues social justice for all.

Justice Photo Pages

#13 Eliminate Racism. Grand Challenges for Social Work, #13 Eliminate Racism.

Hundreds of students attend chapter advocacy day events. Diverse group of students attending an NASW Chapter advocacy day event.

NASW Press Multiracial Cultural Attunement book cover.

NASW Press Affirmative Practice book cover.

NASW Press Multicultural Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity and Identity.

NASW Press Transnational Pacific Islander Americans and Social Work, Dancing to the Beat of a Different Drum book cover.

NASW Press South Asians in the United States book cover.

NASW Press Incorporating Intersectionality in Social Work Practice, Research, Policy, and Education book cover.

NASW Press offers 22 diversity related titles. NASW Press logo.

An "I Voted" sticker roll on top of an American flag.

A person wearing a t-shirt that says social worker I'll be there for you.

Diversity equity and inclusion NASW growing together logo.

NASW legal defense fund 50 years promoting social justice 1972-2022 logo.

A group of people walking down the street holding signs social workers for social justice.

Social work journal experiences of impact of the world wide web on adolescents and young adults cover.

A person wearing a graduation cap and gown with their arms up in the air and the hat says organize advocate social work.

Undoing racism through social work volume 2 report cover.

Undoing racism through social work volume 1 report cover.

International transgender day of visibility.

More equity conference content. a smiling person in a suit and tie sitting at a conference.

GOAL 4: Elevate the quality of social work practice.

Practice Objectives

#1. Advance leadership and practice by infusing social work excellence and the NASW Code of Ethics into products, services and offerings.

#2. Inspire the next generation of leaders by highlighting, acknowledging, and recognizing exemplary diverse social workers through achievement award events, the NASW Pioneers program, scholarships and fellowships, the leadership academy and advocacy engagement.

#3. Modernize the NASW certification program to incentivize the pursuit of professional development.

Practice Activities

  • Events: Hosted events that advance social work knowledge and leadership.
  • Ethics: Positioned the NASW Code of Ethics as the authority for advancing ethics in social work.
  • Growth: Provided career growth opportunities for new professionals.
  • Networking: Created forums for networking, leadership and advocacy.
  • Credentials: Promoted the ACSW as the profession’s premier leadership credential.
  • Certification: Identified potential specialty and advanced practice areas for certification.

Practice Photo Pages

NASW Leadership Summit. Learn from social work experts. June 22, 2023.

Speakers: Marla Blunt-Carter, Sandra Edmonds Crewe, Martell Teasley, Jen Roberts, Maryah Thompson, Gigi Tsontos, Salome Raheim, and Jonathan B. Singer

Cover of the NASW Social Work Advocates Magazine Roe Provided Autonomy, Self-Determination issue.

Cover of the NASW Social Work Advocates Magazine Human Rights Advocacy issue.

Cover of the NASW Social Work Advocates Magazine The Great Resignation issue.

Cover of the NASW Social Work Advocates Magazine Federal Policy issue.

Cover of the NASW Social Work Advocates Magazine Ethical Challenges issue.

Cover of the NASW Social Work Advocates Magazine Chat GPT and Social Work issue.

Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers cover.

NASW Artificial Intelligence in Social Work: Exploring Key Ethical Considerations webinar.

Scholarship recipients inspire and innovate. mother and her baby daughter smiling wearing a SOCIAL WORK sweatshirt.

750 job seekers meet 93 employers online. NASW Virtual Career Fair Tuesday, January 31.

NASW ACSE Academy of Certified Social Workers logo.

5 time management tips and resources for social workers. We offer five best practices as well as some resources NASW offers members to help streamline tasks and accomplish more in less time. Get 5 tips to help you make the most of your day.

30,000 members connect in 11 Specialty Practice Sections.

  • Administration & Supervision
  • Aging
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
  • Child Welfare
  • Children, Adolescents and Young Adults
  • Health
  • Mental Health
  • Private Practice
  • School Social Work
  • Social Work and the Courts
  • Social and Economic Justice & Peace

GOAL 5: Champion policy efforts to support the social work profession.

Policy Objectives

#1. Advance social work via rigorous public awareness, legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts.

#2. Promote social worker engagement in public policy by developing and disseminating resources that inspire action (e.g., issue briefs, action alerts, etc.) and advocacy-related events.

#3. Grow PACE to promote the election and support of lawmakers and social workers who stand for NASW policies.

#4. Encourage voter mobilization.

Policy Activities

  • Legislation: Created change in policy through legislative advocacy.
  • Regulation: Shaped the formation, application or change of rules used by government agencies to implement statutory law.
  • Events: Hosted events that offer social workers easily navigated pathways to public policy engagement.
  • Information: Offered quality resources for keeping social workers informed of key policy issues.
  • Elections: Increased NASW PACE contributions to lawmakers in connection with state and federal elections.
  • Organizers: Deployed PACE field organizers to key battleground states.

Policy Photo Pages

Breaking barriers through advocacy. Group of people on the US Capitol stairs advocating for social work.

The words Debt Relief on a yellow sticky note.

Library social work expands. group of people holding signs that say "Teach the Truth".

NASW-MI meets with VP Kamala Harris. NASW Michigan Chapter with the Vice President of the US Kamala Harris.

NASW-WI testifies on agency staffing levels.

Senator Stabenow reintroduces critical Mental Health Access Bill. Dr. Anthony Estreet and Senator Stabenow discussing the critical Mental Health Access Bill.

Record chapter conference attendance. Attendees at an NASW California Chapter conference.

NASW PACE Political Action for Candidate Election logo.

NASW-IL leads workforce pipeline strategy. NASW Illinois Chapter members leading the workforce pipeline strategy.

NASW-MS fights for clean, safe water. NASW Mississippi Chapter members supporting clean safe water.

Keeping schools of social work connected. A young NASW Chapter person getting a mailing to the schools of social work together.

Student ambassador programs grow. Young woman out canvasing for NASW PACE endorsed candidates.

NASW Membership map.

NASW Snapshot

Founded in 1955
100K+ members
55 Chapters
5,000+ volunteers
200 staff
84,000 liability policy holders

NASW Financials

Unaudited figures for July 2022-June 2023 combined chapter and national budgets


Membership 19,350,096
Professional Development 6,860,848
Conferences 4,462,443
Other 689,544
Publications 1,952,090
Joblink 1,289,899
Royalties 644,696
Advertising 1,020,883
Grants & Contributions3,343,728


Salary & Benefits 20,962,585
Contracts 9,074,011
Occupancy 2,429,626
Equipment & Software 1,395,795
Bank Fees 1,211,251
Other 2,336,609
Printing & Postage 835,678
Travel 671,545
Insurance 244,850


Accounts Receivables 1,546,291
Investments 19,317,927
Cash & Equivalents 17,830,492
Fixed Assets 17,255,963

Barbara Shank
NASW is committed to promoting the profession and protecting our professional interests. My advice to all social workers is join NASW, support the professional association that works for you, and get involved.

Robin Arndt
Through volunteering and engaging with your association, your professional network expands and the value of the association increases.

Monica Harrison
There is power in numbers, and in creating long-lasting, systemic change.

Bisrat Abebe
I am encouraged by the association’s recent progressive goals that focus on living our social work values as well as fiscally responsible and equitable practice.

Yasoda Sharma
NASW helps to influence public policy and promote justice. If we want our voice to be heard, it is very important for us to be a member of NASW.

Heather Bradley-Geary
NASW brings a collective voice for social workers, and I feel called to serve in that capacity, both nationally and regionally.

FY 2024 Upcoming Events

  • NASW Pioneer Celebration: The NASW Social Work Pioneers Program honors new inductees in Washington, D.C. every October.
  • Delegate Assembly: 277 elected member delegates review public policies, select program priority goals, and update bylaws for the Association.
  • Fall Virtual Forum: NASW explores the critical role of social workers in addressing global environmental injustice.
  • Social Work Month 2024: Social workers nationwide to celebrate the 2024 theme "Empower Social Work!" through events, advocacy and media.
  • NASW 2024 Conference: More than 2,000 social workers convene for the profession's largest practice conference in Washington. D.C.
  • Association Leadership Meeting 2024: A virtual summit of NASW board members, chapter presidents, and staff leadership.


The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is a membership organization that works to enhance the professional growth and development of our members, to create and maintain professional standards for social workers, and to advance sound social policies.

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