Health Specialty Practice Section

We are social workers in the healthcare profession that address the psychosocial components of health and mental health. Examples of areas of service: acute care, clinical work, depression, case management, pediatrics, chronic care, oncology, aging, substance abuse, advocacy, administration, rehabilitation and public health issues. 

Health Section Committee

  • Karla T. Washington, PhD, LC-SW  Columbia, MO, Chair
  • Tammy L. Abbott-Thiel, MSW, LMSW - Phoenix, AZ
  • Julia Winchester Buckey, PhD, ACSW - Lake Mary, FL
  • Julie Johns, LMSW, ACSW - Livonia, MI 
  • Ruth Anne Van Loon, PhD, MSW, LISW - Cincinnati, OH

Many clients require coaching to help them make good decisions about their health. Social workers, therefore, must be attuned to the latest health crazes, as well as current research recommendations, in order to effectively encourage clients to adhere to healthy lifestyle choices, physician appointments, and prescribed medications. Health Section Connection