Health Specialty Practice Section

We are social workers in the healthcare profession that address the psychosocial components of health and mental health. Examples of areas of service: acute care, clinical work, depression, case management, pediatrics, chronic care, oncology, aging, substance abuse, advocacy, administration, rehabilitation and public health issues. 

Health Section Committee

  • Julia Winchester Buckey, PhD, ACSW –Lake Mary, FL – Chair
  • Suzanne Cross, PhD, ACSW, LMSW, LLC - Mount Pleasant, MI
  • Daniel E. Kennedy, MBA, MC – San Diego, CA
  • Jay Memmott, PhD, MSW - Overland, KS
  • Valire Carr Copeland, PhD, MPH, MSW – Pittsburgh, PA


  • Dawn Shelton-Williams, MSW, LCSW – Milwaukee, WI