Social and Economic Justice & Peace Specialty Practice Section

We are social workers helping to strengthen and empower those within impoverished and indigent communities. We are committed to economic and social justice ideals, including fairness, equity and equality. Examples of areas of service: outreach, grassroots mobilization, lobbying, community development, and public awareness efforts. 

Social and Economic Justice & Peace Section Committee

  •  Jenny Andersen, LCSW - Waukegan, IL - Chair
  • Ellen Bartley, PhD, LMSW - Metamora, MI
  • Anthony C. Hill, EdD, MSW - Springfield, MA
  • Mary Anne Nulty, LCSW - Fairfax, VA
  • Tara D. Wallace, LSCSW - Topeka, KS
  • Jim Ryczek, MSW, LICSW - Barrington, RI