Ethics and Risk Management Challenges in Social Work

NASW New Hampshire

Mark Wills 0 878
Moving beyond introductory ethics concepts, Frederic Reamer, Ph.D. will explore difficult ethics cases and practical strategies designed to protect clients and practitioners. The webinar will include a series of challenging ethics cases involving conflicting professional duties and discuss practical steps that social workers can take to manage ethical issues skillfully and prevent lawsuits and licensing board complaints.

Brain Development and Learning Consent During Childhood

NASW Vermont

Mark Wills 0 349
In this training you will: a) understand the skills involved in respecting consent b) learn the developmental connections between childhood empathy and adult actions c) learn brain science findings on empathy and the optimal developmental window to acquire it d) learn about primary prevention strategies beginning in early childhood to prevent child sexual abuse and perpetration.

ADHD: The Neurobiology, Motivation and Treatment

NASW New Hampshire

Mark Wills 0 734
Participants will be able to (1) explain ADHD as a neurodevelopmental disorder; (2) describe why people with ADHD do not respond to conventional rewards and motivators; (3) identify the classes of medication used to treat ADHD; and (4) discuss performance based methods to help people with ADHD.

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