American Jewish Committee (AJC) Presents: The State of Antisemitism in America 2021 Report

NASW New York State

Mark Wills 0 165
5 p.m.

Since 2019, AJC has been conducting surveys on the rise in antisemitism in America. Answering questions such as, “Does the Jewish community think there is a rise in antisemitism and what does the general public think?” and “How much does the general public know about antisemitism and does the Jewish community have a right to determine what is anti-semitic?”

Mindfulness in Clinical Social Work

NASW New York State

Mark Wills 0 250
9 a.m.-4 p.m.

This workshop will include extensive experiential work, focusing on the body and the breath as the basis for staying in the present moment, and introducing both formal and informal mindfulness practices.

Legislative Education & Advocacy Day (LEAD)

NASW Michigan

Mark Wills 0 313
9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

NASW Michigan is committed to working across sectors and advocating policies, legislation, and programs that promote justice and racial justice. LEAD is a day-long conference that educates 800-1,000 social workers from across the state (and beyond) on the most critical and current issues in the field.

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