Partnering with parents who are behaving in a hostile or obstructive way in the school setting

Continuing Education

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In this webinar, Dr. Scott will review best practices for school social workers working with challenging parents and explore parents' perspectives on working with school social workers. The session will also review the NASW Code of Ethics for guidance about work with challenging parents.

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Ethical Issues in Police Social Work


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This workshop will explore ethical challenges social workers may face when working with institutions criticized for having oppressive and racist systems. In addition, there are many issues unique to this setting including confidentiality concerns, documentation, integrity, scope of practice issues, and self-care concerns.

The Complicated World of Family Cutoffs: Causes, Interventions, and a Deeper Understanding


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Family estrangements or cutoffs are extremely widespread, affecting literally millions of people of all ages. The pain and damage from a cutoff can have a ripple effect that is passed down for generations.


Why are cutoffs so common? What are the causes? What can families do to prevent or repair rifts? How can we as Social Workers intervene to help the family find a path forward? In this webinar we will discuss partial and total cutoffs, some of the reasons families so frequently become estranged and how Social Workers can help families find a way back to a relationship.


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