Children of Incarcerated Parents and Their Families: How Can We Help

NASW New Hampshire Chapter

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1.5 CEH
9 - 10:30am ET
Presented by Dr. Joanne Linden & Tiffani Arsenault
Description: The Anne E. Casey Foundation’s 2016 report on the national effects of parental incarceration concluded that “millions of children are suffering the consequences of their parent’s sentences and our nation’s tough on crime practices. The aim of the workshop will be to familiarize social workers with an overview of traumatic impact of parental incarceration, focus on the impact on NH children and families, and present a range of practices to support these vulnerable families. Specifically, we will share the model developed in the Family Ties Inside Out DOJ federal grant (FTIO) grant recently received by NH-DOC in collaboration with Waypoint is forming a statewide collaborative implementing evidence-based and promising practices to support these vulnerable children, caregivers and parents
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Breathing and Blinking: An Intersection of PTSD and TBI

NASW Wisconsin

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This presentation explores the challenge of differential diagnosis and support for clients living with co-existing post-traumatic stress disorder and post-concussion syndrome. Although addressing concussive issues is gathering increasing attention, concussions remain both undiagnosed and underdiagnosed, despite how common they are, across all political, religious and cultural groups.

How COVID Changed How We Address Homelessness

NASW Wisconsin

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In 2020, the world was sent into an unprecedented crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the recognition of the economic downturn and personal crisis that many people were experiencing, the federal government invested in basic needs support. Because of the investment in rental assistance and other housing dollars, local communities were able to create different solutions to homelessness. This session will cover innovative strategies used around the state with COVID housing dollars, the impact of those funds, and what’s next for communities now that this additional funding has ended

Shifting the Mindset on Mandated Reporting

NASW Wisconsin

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This training strives to challenge practitioners to think critically before making a CPS report. Our trainers will provide practical guidance about when to make a report and encourage practitioners to help become a support network for the family. Mandated supporting is a framework that shifts our profession away from positions of surveillance to agency and humanity. Instead of punitive measures, it calls on social workers to be supporters to the families and communities we serve. We hope to invigorate our audience to take action and think about the legal mandate differently.

2024 NASW-NJ Annual Conference

NASW New Jersey Chapter

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“Life in a Traumatic World: Implications for Social Work Practice”

April 14-16, 2024

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

Earn up to 23 CEUs

Registration to open in January 2024


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